I want to register or vary a product and I need information on spray drift assessment and labelling

Information about the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority's (APVMA) spray drift policy, and how this affects new product registrations and product variations is available on our website.

In particular, please see the 2 guideline documents:

  • Guidelines for updating spray drift instructions on labels when a full spray drift risk assessment has not been undertaken: This document explains how the APVMA will update the default spray drift instructions on labels for product applications.
  • Guidelines for applications to update spray drift instructions, update the spray drift risk assessment and recognise new drift reduction technology: This document provides advice to applicants on how to make such applications and the assessment modules, fees and timeframes that would apply.

Once you have read this information and identified what type of application you need to make, you can apply through the APVMA Online Services Portal (Decision Tree) or via the relevant tailored guidance pathway.

For example, if you wish to register a new product that is based on a reference product but with updated spray drift restraints, you can apply via the links in the tailored guidance pathway 'I want to register a product that is based on an existing registered reference product'.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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