Types of permits

Permits are of various types:

  • minor use permit—for uses where no relevant registered products or use patterns exist because registering the use pattern would not produce an economic return
  • emergency use permit—supports primary producers during emergencies or impending emergencies, such as outbreaks of pests and diseases, by allowing the use of a chemical product or an active constituent if there is a genuine belief that the use is required because of the emergency
  • research permit—assists in the development, through experiments, of new uses for products. Note that the APVMA does not issue permits to enable market research
  • veterinary manufacturing permit—may be issued to authorise the carrying out of a step (or steps) of manufacture of veterinary product/s, that would otherwise be an offence or a contravention of a civil penalty provision set out in the Agvet Code, in relation to manufacture and licensing.?This type of permit may only be issued for exceptional circumstances, where compliance with the APVMA’s Manufacturing Principles can be demonstrated, and is restricted to a maximum period of 90 days. If the APVMA grants a veterinary manufacturing permit, the relevant particulars for the product(s) affected will need to be updated. Upon making a permit application, all affected product holders should contact the APVMA to provide their consent for the new site of manufacture to be included in the APVMA record. The APVMA can then vary the relevant particulars without the need for the holder to make an application
  • miscellaneous permit—may be issued for a circumstance not covered by the other permits (for example, a permit to possess or supply an unregistered chemical product for export; to oversticker an approved label; to supply specific batches of a registered product that do not comply with the product specifications; to supply a registered product with an unapproved label; or to extend the shelf life of a batch).

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