Complying with conditions

Holders must comply with any conditions that the APVMA places on their approval or registration.

Maintaining compliance with the Agvet Code is the holders responsibility?

Some conditions are established by regulation (statutory conditions) and form a set of standard conditions applied to approvals and registrations. Other conditions are established on a case-by-case basis to control risk. Conditions are designed to be consistent, clear and easy to understand. They are also designed to be effective in delivering the intended outcome—protecting the health and safety of people, animals, plants, the environment and Australia’s trade interests.

How to comply

Holders and their nominated agents should carefully read all approval or registration documents provided by the APVMA at the outcome of the application process.

Conditions applied to the approval or registration—other than statutory conditions—will be stated in the documentation. If a holder is unclear of what is expected of them—or has any questions—to they should contact the APVMA for clarification. Additionally, if a holder believes they may experience any difficulties complying with the conditions they should discuss the situation with the APVMA.

Non-compliance with conditions

It is against the law to not comply with all conditions of approval or registration.

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