Report suspected non-compliance

The APVMA recognises the value of information provided by industry and the community, and facilitates online and 'free-call' reporting of suspected non-compliance. Reports may include information about:?

  • the advertising and supply of unregistered agricultural and veterinary chemicals
  • inappropriate manufacture of veterinary chemical products
  • the importation of unregistered agricultural and veterinary chemicals.

Please report suspected non-compliance via:

To assist you when reporting suspected non-compliance we have developed a non-compliance reporting form. The form prompts you to provide details about the suspected non-compliance so that we can quickly assess and prioritise your allegation based on risk.?

How we manage non-compliance reports

All reports received by the APVMA, including complainant details, are treated confidentially. However, we may be obliged to disclose all details of an investigation if a matter proceeds to court or if we are otherwise compelled to provide the information by law.?

All reports of suspected non-compliance submitted using the reporting form are acknowledged upon receipt and prioritised for action on the basis of risk. Risk is based on the potential (or actual) for harm to people, animals, the environment and international trade.?

The APVMA cannot normally comment on specific compliance and enforcement activities, including providing any details of its investigations to a complainant. This is to preserve the rights of all parties (such as the presumption of innocence) while investigations are underway. Notwithstanding this limitation, we respond to correspondence in accordance with our service charter to the extent that confidentiality and privacy considerations allow.?

To protect your privacy, please do not include contact information in your feedback. If you would like a response, please contact us.