Interpreting average decision time

On 1 July 2014, the APVMA adopted new legislation which changed the way we calculate and interpret the duration of decision time within the agency. Some comparisons with the elapsed time data from previous years can be made. The APVMA commissioned a report by an independent consultant to undertake an analysis of decision times prior to and after the implementation of the new legislation.

The assessment period for each application type and item number is set in the legislation; this is the standard decision time. However, there are two conditions which allow the APVMA to vary or extend the assessment period:

  • A change in the category of an application may be made once in the life of the application under section 70(b) of the Agvet Code.
  • One extension may be applied for under section 159 of the Agvet Code. An extension of 1.33 times the original assessment period (rounded up) plus one month is given.

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