The chemical and permit databases

Certain information about registered agvet products, approved active constituents and minor use permits are published by the APVMA on publically accessible databases.

The APVMA publishes this information on the databases and website at various stages of the application, approval and registration processes. This can include a list of information and supporting documentation provided by an applicant during the process—information the APVMA relied upon by when making its decision.

The APVMA publishes certain information about products, active constituents and permits on the databases—and on the website.

Chemicals database

All registered agvet products and approved active constituents in Australia are listed on the APVMA chemicals database. The chemicals database provides—and can be searched by—the:

  • product or active constituent name
  • registering party (the holder)
  • ingredients (active constituents)
  • product category
  • pest type.

Many chemicals database records also list the relevant particulars of a product’s label—including the safety and use directions.

The chemicals database does not list details of products or active constituents for which registration or approval was refused, stopped, suspended or expired and archived.

Permits database

All past and present permits issued by the APVMA are listed on the permits database. This database provides—and can be searched by—similar fields as those in the chemicals database, however only lists products for which the APVMA has approved a temporary minor, emergency?use permit.

iPhone and iPad app

Both the chemicals and permits databases can be searched using the free iPhone and iPad app, available on the Apple App Store.

The app provides similar search features to the online databases, with the addition of a feature to ‘favourite’ a search. The app does not store the database content on your device, it uses your data or Wi-Fi connection to access APVMA databases via the internet to ensure you always have access to the latest, up-to-date information.

Exempt products

Some agvet products are exempt from the registration requirement and will not be listed on the chemicals or permits databases. Also, some products considered by the Agvet Code to be of low regulatory concern may not be individually listed on the databases.

However, some exempt agvet products—or those of low regulatory concern—not listed on the databases may still be subject to certain conditions in order to legally be manufactured, imported, sold, supplied or used in Australia.

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