Products we don’t regulate

The APVMA is not involved in the regulation of some chemicals, chemical products and equipment used in homes, workplaces, veterinary surgeries and on farms. Some of these are:

If you’re a manufacturer, supplier, or importer of agvet products and need to know if your product requires registration, use the Registration self-assessment tool. You can also apply for a technical assessment.


The Agvet Code specifies certain products to be exempt from registration with the APVMA. There are also special registration arrangements for products of low regulatory concern. This includes animal feed products classed by the Agvet Code as excluded nutritional or digestive (END) products.

Other regulators

Some products are regulated by other government authorities—make sure you understand your obligations.

While some products are exempt from registration—or not regulated by the APVMA—they may still be regulated by other government authorities under different legislation. This can include legislation relating to pharmaceuticals, health, workplace safety, biosecurity, customs or competition.

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