Information for suppliers of swimming pool chemical products

Swimming pool sanitation and the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code 1994

If you sell swimming pool chemical products to the leisure industry or to the general public you need to be aware of important laws that govern the supply of such products.

The advertisement or supply of agricultural chemical products that are not registered contravenes national agriculture and veterinary chemicals law.

Chemicals that are used to sanitise pools and spas fit the definition of an agricultural chemical product and must be registered with the APVMA before they can be legally advertised and supplied in Australia.

Chlorine present as either calcium hypochlorite, lithium hypochlorite, sodium hypochlorite, sodium dichloroisocyanuric acid or trichloroisocyanuric acid is a chemical with a range of applications, including use as an industrial chemical. When these chemicals are supplied for the purpose of sanitising water in pools and spas they are considered to be agricultural chemical products and must be registered with the APVMA.

This consideration has consequences for a range of supply circumstances, including any liquid chlorine re-filling services that may be provided by pool shops.

The following activities may result in compliance action by the APVMA:

  • the supply of chemical products that are not registered(either wholesale or retail)
  • defacing, removing, over-labelling or damaging the label of a registered chemical product
  • supply of registered chemical products without a label
  • supply of a registered chemical product in a non-compliant container.

In addition to the offences under the Agvet Codes, the ‘control of use’ for pool chemicals is governed by relevant State and Territory legislation. This may include restrictions on the quantities and locations in which certain pool chemicals can be legally stored. State and Territory legislation regarding the storage of Dangerous Goods is also applicable for many pool chemicals.

I am a pool shop owner—what can I do to determine if the pool products I am selling are compliant?

The easiest way to determine if the pool chemicals you are selling (that are used for the purpose of pool water sanitation) are registered with the APVMA, is to locate the APVMA registration number on the product label. The numbers look like the following:

APVMA Listed Product Number: XXXXXXXXXX



If the relevant pool chemical label does not bear one of these APVMA numbers then the product may not be registered with the APVMA and we would like to hear about it.

I am a pool shop owner—I buy bulk liquid chlorine and decant into either my own, or customer supplied, containers—what do I need to do?

Large chemical companies who have sought product registration for liquid chlorine products will often supply their registered liquid chlorine product to retail outlets in bulk form. If you buy liquid chlorine in bulk and then decant into smaller containers for retail supply, you may be considered to be a product manufacturer and you may have legal obligations under the Agvet Codes and other legislation. You can either:

  • seek your own listed registration from the APVMA for your unique liquid chlorine product; or
  • request that your bulk liquid chlorine supplier add your business to their APVMA registration details, as a site of manufacture for their registered product.

Once you hold your own registration or your details have been added to your supplier’s registration, your retail supply may occur legally. This means you would be able to legally decant the bulk material into a smaller container and affix the appropriate label to the container.

I hold an APVMA registration for liquid chlorine and I supply the product in bulk am I affected?

If you supply bulk liquid chlorine, and there is a reasonable expectation that it will be further supplied or used in sanitising pools or spas, then you are supplying an agricultural chemical product. The bulk product that you supply must be registered by the APVMA.

If you supply to pool shop owners who decant the bulk product into smaller containers then you should:

  • check that a individual liquid chlorine product registration has been granted by the APVMA. Such details can be found on the APVMA?PUBCRIS database, or
  • add the relevant pool shop; to your APVMA registration records as a product manufacturer.

Where can I find out more about registering pool chemical products or updating my details?

For certain pool chemical products, registration can occur through a listed registration process. This means that there is a much simpler registration process involved.

Contacting the APVMA

If you would like more information about the registration process, please contact APVMA enquiries:

If you would like more information about compliance and enforcement or wish to report a non-compliant chemical product please contact APVMA Compliance:

Phone: 1300 700 315

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