Agricultural permits

Research permits

In some cases where the research being undertaken is very small, such as screening trials, the proposed use of the chemical product may already be automatically covered by a general small-scale research permit issued by the APVMA. Details of this permit (PER7250) are available from?Permits search, and only research applications falling outside of the scope of this permit will require an application.

Further information on research permits.

Export permits

Export permit applications are made under item 19 and are issued to legalise the possession of an unregistered product or unapproved active constituent for the purposes of export to other countries, or where Australia will be used as a distribution point for products or active constituents manufactured elsewhere in the world.? Permits are typically issued to manufacturers, registrants and distributors.

Export permits DO NOT allow supply for the purpose of use within Australia.?

Export permits are not a certificate for export or a consent to import—separate applications must be lodged to obtain these documents.

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