Importing agricultural or veterinary chemicals

Approved agricultural and veterinary (agvet) chemical products and active constituents are identified by an APVMA or NRA registration number on the label. Without the approval of the APVMA, an agvet chemical cannot be legally imported, marketed, supplied or used in Australia. If you intend to import a product to supply in Australia, the product must be registered.

Only registered products and approved active constituents can be imported without the need for further approval. Importing unregistered agvet products or unapproved active constituents is considered an offence.

Importing for private use

Many products available overseas—including those found via the Internet or whilst travelling—will look similar to APVMA registered products. If a product does not have an APVMA or NRA approval number on the label, it is not registered in Australia and cannot legally be imported for private use. Unregistered products may be seized by the Australian Border Force and destroyed or returned at the expense of the purchaser.

If there is no APVMA or NRA approval number on the label, the product cannot legally be imported for private use.

Consent to import

The APVMA can approve importation of unregistered products or unapproved active constituents by issuing an Import Consent under limited circumstances.

The APVMA may issue an Import Consent for:

  • use of an unregistered product or unapproved active constituent under a current permit, including a small-scale research permit
  • a?registered veterinarian in the prescribed use of an unregistered veterinary medicine for an animal under their direct care
  • importing a product to be ready-for-market where registration/approval has been sought.

The APVMA does not issue Import Consents when:

  • there is a similar or similar looking product already registered in Australia
  • there is another product already registered for use in Australia for the same purpose as the proposed imported product
  • the product has already arrived in Australia.

Applicants must submit their application for consent to import at least 14 days prior to the product’s arrival in Australia to allow for processing.

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