Regulatory operations

If you are involved with registered agricultural or veterinary (agvet) chemical products in Australia, or approved actives, you will need to comply with the Agvet Code and other legislation. Your compliance with the Agvet Code and other legislation helps protect the health and safety of people, animals, plants and the environment – as well as protecting Australia's trade interests.

Our objective is to help protect the health and safety of people, animals, plants and the environment – while protecting Australia’s trade interests.

This means manufacturers, holders, suppliers, wholesalers, advertisers and retailers of agvet chemical products all have various compliance responsibilities. It also means the APVMA has responsibilities to monitor compliance – and when necessary undertake enforcement activities.

Adverse Experience Reporting Program

The Adverse Experience Reporting Program (AERP) is a post-registration program that assesses reports of adverse experiences associated with the use of a registered chemical product (or those on permit).

Assessment, Investigation and Monitoring

The functions we use in conducting compliance and enforcement activities.

Chemical review

The review process and background information.


These guidelines explain how we exercise enforcement powers under Agvet legislation.

Hormonal growth promotants (HGPs)

Information about the supply and reporting obligations of HGPs.

Levy audit program

Information about the APVMA levy audit program.


How to apply for a manufacturing licence – includes details of the licensing process, application fees, our audit process and how to comply with the Australian codes of Good Manufacturing Practice.


Information about the post-authorisation activities we undertake to monitor compliance.


Information about voluntary and compulsory recalls.

Report a problem with a chemical or product

If you have a problem with a chemical or product you can report it.

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